Happy New Year!! Good-bye 2016!

I'm so excited to see what the new year brings.  Three Little Photo is a new adventure, and I have my work cut-out for me.  

Once upon a time, my good friends and I had a photography business. We photographed conventions, weddings and parties.  I truly enjoyed our work, and we made a good team (my best friend at the time, Aryn, and boyfriend at the time, now hubby).  We booked Midwest Haunters Convention, annually, and receiving some good recommendations for weddings and parties. Beginning of 2011, I had every intention of pursuing every opportunity to come our way -

Then - BOOM - in February, 2011, I got pregnant, and everything "photography" came to a halt.  I ended up putting every ounce of myself, for the next 6 years, into motherhood and working full-time.  Aryn went on to pursue other art mediums: body art and tattoos.  My husband worked full time doing what he could get his hands on.  Photography quickly became a hobby, and by the time baby #2 came along, I was barely picking it up. 

Maybe some of you can relate: motherhood hits hard, and I lost myself in the process.  Things I loved to do, weren't happen any more.  It's difficult to keep yourself while raising another.  My whole life changed.

"Show up & choose to be present, 
pay attention to what has heart and meaning,
tell the truth without blame or judgment,
and be open rather than attached to the outcome."

My babies are 5 years and 2 years old now though, and when my husband randomly suggested: "what if we had a studio to shoot in" - I  felt instantly inspired.  Maybe it's the need to find myself again, and dive into being creative.  I've missed it dearly.  This time around though, we're doing our own thing - and our subject matter is specific.  Him: veteran based/tactical photography and marketing; Me: newborns and children.  

My goals for 2017 are to establish Three Little Photo as a newborn and children photography business.  I'd like to grow as a journalistic photographer and in my posing skills.  I look forward to meeting and networking and growing relationships, and to finding myself again - outside of motherhood.  I know, it's a tall order.  ...wish me luck?


Cincinnati Newborn & Family Portrait Photographer

Three Little Photo is an in-home and on-location newborn & family portrait company located in northern Cincinnati, Ohio.   Owned and operated by photographer & postpartum doula, Jennifer Smith, who specializes in natural light and has photo-journalistic style.