Ikea Lifestyle Photoshoot - West Chester, Ohio

This past week I had an opportunity to do something I have never done before: partake in a lifestyle photo shoot at Ikea (in West Chester, Ohio). It was also with people I had never met before either. I recently joined a Cincinnati Photographers’ group on FB. Random people, I’ve never met, post their most up-to-date work, we discuss gear, how-to’s, etc. An admin posted a group shoot event, free, to anyone in the group, and I decided to join! Why not? …..and I am sooo happy I did! It was a smaller group, 5 of us (11 confirmed “going” on the event). We didn’t really have any “models”, just each other, and a few ladies brought their kids. These ladies were REAL and NICE and INSPIRING. I wasn’t sure how my images would turn out, the light is harsh and different. But overall, I’m very pleased. Some of these images I absolutely LOVE.

So, thank you, Sara - host/organizer of this little outing. I appreciate you - and I look forward to future events where I’m able to let my creativity flow <3

And, if anyone would be interested in having a professional shoot at Ikea, please, let me know! We can definitely set something up!

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